First blog 

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Hi guyz, laiba here. This is my first ever blog. I shall post more blogs on food, travel, technology, education, religion soon…​

First blog

Be conscious

The most important and conscious thing in front of people is living according to latest trends and most stylish way. Even if people can’t afford still they like to race.

That’s idiotic isn’t it

Life doesn’t requires to be upto date and according to people it should be how you can manage it.

I see people spending money on branded items and after a season the latest and expensive item gets old and people like to dispose and again buy something latest, just to be called upto date and race.

Spending Rs. 5000 or more just on one thing is some amount of money that brand conscious can’t think of, it means a lot to someone who is earning to afford basic necessities of life. It can buy many things to a middle class.

But I see many middle class people who are blind in this race they shop for these items just to look rich and make sure that people think of them as high class.

Whereas to live a peaceful and relaxing life is to live according to your requirements and needs, spend where necessary not where you wish.

Profitable businesses in Pakistan


Every occasion is empty without clothes and food, and that’s what represents your wealth/status in front of your family, friends and colleagues.

Every person spends lot on any occasion just for the sake of either respect or as a race to make their name.

To start catering business is a good idea, doesn’t require much investment, all you need is a chef that cooks yummy and delicious food, some utensils, a proper setup for gas etc, and a person/two to deliver orders and buy stuff required.

Investment : max 2 lakh

Period to flourish: 3 to 4 months


Opening a school / academy is also a good idea if you are thinking to start a business.

Almost everyone wants his/her child to get education under the supervision of qualified teachers.

Tuition centers / tuition teachers are earning more thAn we can imagine, the students are being taught new syllabus in schools that seems difficult for students and parents to study at home, that’s why pArents require a tutor, most likely for secondary and above classes

All you need is a building some qualified teachers, principle, guard, some peon.

Investment: 4 to 5 lakh

Period to flourish: 6 to 12 months

Parlors :

Every woman wants to look beautiful and good. Parlors are the best source of income nowadays, from eyebrows to makeup everyday there are a lot of women entering the parlor spends lot of money to look good.

Hairstyle, bleaching, makeup, etc these things can help you earn a handsome amount of money, just you need is professional staff.

Investment : upto 5 lakh

Period to flourish : 1 year


People have become too classy that they need their events have a celebrity touch, for this they like to hire good and professional photographers who can capture cinematic photos and videos.

This has now become a very must to be done thing to spend money on the photos and videos of the event they are organising.

All you need is a camera ( it doesn’t have to be a very expensive one) you can buy within your budget. You may have knowledge of some poses and the backgrounds too. With this you can earn a handsome amount.

Investment : depends on your desire

Period to flourish : 1 year

Handmade work

All it seem is a delicate, sparkling, beautiful work.. to .wear ,to show, to glitter..

People often appreciate the work, but most of the time they think that the “handmade work” is just an easy job​

Behind the scene every art has a detail hardwork, concentration, delicacy, and most important a great time to create the desired product..

This post is to appreciate all the artists out there …

This jewellery is made by me